Friday, October 31, 2008

Twinkle Star Art

I am a full time illustrator and mother of 3 little stars.
My drawing ability, passion for creating and my few 'odd quirks' are a blessing passed down from my fabulously talented, slightly eccentric Dad.
After graduating from the Queensland College of Art, I worked for over a decade in the graphic design industry.
Twinkle Star Art was born with the birth of my children for a more family friendly lifestyle. Spending time with my kids inspired my natural transition from graphic design to illustrating for children.


Leah said...

You have a gorgeous shop and blog, I love the rockets for little boys!

rubyredstudios said...

I fell in love with Twinkle Star Art's gorgeous illustrations ages ago but it wasn't usnil after reciveing the Paris EIFFEL TOWER ART girls room wall print set including the Paris Girls Room personalized LETTER ART name print that I became smitten.

The prints came beautifully packaged with a matching gift card and whimsical poem seal.

Thank you so much for the article and congratulations on this wonderful blog.

x Helen

Hot Fudge said...

Twinkle Star Art has been a favourite of mine for a long time now. The children in her work are so endearing. Go and take a look at her shop.