Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little itty bitty

Little itty bitty is a busy mum, happily creating pretty little things for gorgeous little people!

My sweet little daughter (Ruby *heart*) is the inspiration behind many of my pieces! As a child I grew up surrounded by beautiful creations that my clever mum had made with love & care! Following in her creative footsteps wasn't something I'd considered until I had a little one of my seems Ruby's arrival encouraged my creative side! (I actually read somewhere that sleep deprivation can do this!!).

Along with my new found creativity, I also seem to have developed a collecting disorder! I LOVE buttons, yummy fabrics, ribbon, paper, sequins, felt, beads....the list goes on!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely post!My mother did needlepoint but for me it looks to tedious.I love your daughters name.Oh I remember back when my 2 girls were young and loved art work and crafts.I have started a button collection just recently.Very different from porcelin doll collecting or bears,LOL.Im older now the little itty bittys as you say are much better.

Leah said...

Gorgeous post, I have a rather large collection of those things and more!