Friday, June 03, 2011

The Pixie Collective

I am very Proud to have my first Post back at Kookie Kids being the 'Magical Shop' Called

The Pixie Collective is a New Concept Created by two Beautiful Fairies with a Magical idea, an idea I must admit I am very excited to be involved in.  The Pixie Collective is a shop ran by designers who hand make and sell their own creations, as well as selling other artist work!!

From the moment you see this 'awesome' Mystical Tree' Painted on the Front of the Shop, just know "your in for a treat'.  A word of warning, "head down after payday, you simply can't walk out of this place without the urge to purchase your own handmade one of a kind piece" - yes, I'm not just saying that, I mean it, this shop has it all, from clothing, hats, wings, paintings, bags, men's, women and kids clothing, candles & soaps, Jewelry, belts, skirts, workshops, exhibition's ...huff, need I say more!

So, my fellow Kookies! if your located in Melbourne head over to:
374 Hight Street.   Northcote.   Victoria.

For Interstate and International kookies 'The Pixie Collective' will be 'ONLINE' soon! Yay!

Sending you many hoots!